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PAC Cresco FU-24 Workhorse Shaker Pint Glass

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The PAC Cresco FU-24 is a thrilling workhorse of the skies, renowned for its versatility and ruggedness. Originally designed for agricultural duties, this aircraft quickly proved its mettle, becoming a favorite among pilots for a variety of special purposes, including aerial topdressing, cargo transport, and even skydiving operations. With its first flight in the 1950s, the FU-24 has been a reliable presence in the sky for decades, showcasing impressive specifications that include a robust payload capacity and the ability to operate from short and unprepared airstrips. Its adaptability has made it a beloved asset in both civilian and commercial aviation sectors across the globe. The FU-24's enduring legacy is a testament to its design and functionality, making it a celebrated icon in aviation history.

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Enjoy your refreshing drinks in this shaker pint glass It can hold up to 16 oz and will be a durable high-quality addition to your glassware collection Whats more you can even use it as a mixing glass for cocktail evenings - Glass material - Volume 16 oz (473 ml) - Not dishwasher or microwave safe - Simple yet durable design - Can be used as a mixing glass - Product sourced from China Disclaimer This is a handmade product from natural materials so the glass may have some tiny imperfections such as bubbles and dots

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