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Prowler II UAV Hat

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Color: Black
The Prowler II stands as a testament to the advancements in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. Though specific details about its operational years, specifications, and users might be less known, the Prowler II represents the cutting edge in surveillance, reconnaissance, and possibly combat capabilities. Designed for versatility and efficiency, this UAV likely serves in various capacities, showcasing the evolution of drone technology. Its capabilities might include high-definition surveillance, long-endurance flights, and possibly payload delivery, making it a valuable asset in modern operations. The Prowler II exemplifies the future of unmanned flight, with potential applications ranging from military to civilian, demonstrating the increasing reliance on drones for complex missions.

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Dad hats aren't just for dads This one's got a low profile with an adjustable strap and curved visor

  • 100 chino cotton twill
  • Green Camo color is 35 chino cotton twill 65 polyester
  • Unstructured 6-panel low-profile
  • 6 embroidered eyelets
  • 3 (76 cm) crown
  • Adjustable strap with antique buckle

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