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Ford Tri-Motor: The Tin Goose Hat

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Color: Black
The Ford Tri-Motor, also known as the 'Tin Goose,' is an iconic symbol of the early days of air travel. Produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1925 to 1933, this aircraft revolutionized air transportation with its all-metal construction, a pioneering feature in an era dominated by wood and fabric planes. The Tri-Motor was designed to provide a safer, more reliable, and comfortable experience for passengers, boasting features such as an enclosed cabin. It served a variety of roles, from carrying passengers across the burgeoning airline routes of the United States to exploring uncharted territories. With its distinctive three-engine design, the Ford Tri-Motor became a workhorse of the skies, used by airlines, corporations, and even the military for various purposes. Its legacy is celebrated in aviation history as a symbol of innovation and progress, marking the transition to the modern era of air travel.

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