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Piper Tri-Pacer: Aviation Icon 2 Toddler T-Shirt

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Color: Black
The Piper Tri-Pacer is a beacon of post-war aviation, soaring into the skies with its distinctive tricycle landing gear layout, a departure from the conventional tail-dragger configuration. Manufactured by Piper Aircraft from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s, this aircraft became a beloved icon among general aviation enthusiasts. With its fabric-covered, high-wing design, the Tri-Pacer offered improved visibility and control, making it a favorite for both novice and experienced pilots. Capable of seating up to four people, it was powered by a range of Lycoming engines, ensuring a blend of reliability and performance. The Tri-Pacer bridged the gap between simplicity and capability, embodying the spirit of adventure with every flight. Its versatility and ease of use helped democratize flying, making it accessible to a broader audience and cementing its legacy in aviation history.

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Let your toddler do their thing while feeling super comfy and looking extra stylish in this short-sleeve jersey t-shirt from 100% cotton with a unique print. The tee is soft, durable, and bound to become the staple of your toddlers wardrobe.

  • 100% cotton
  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • Side-seamed
  • Relaxed fit for extra comfort

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